My life has always had an element of creativity, and although I was passionate about art in my youth, in college I decided to pursue what seemed like a more reasonable degree: Marketing.  I spent the next 20 years building a successful career in real estate management and advertising, but something was always missing.  It wasn’t until 2006 that the artistic fire I’d long ago given up was re-lit and I began painting again. 

As an artist, I have always admired abstract expressionism.  The impulsiveness of the brush strokes and utilization of unconventional tools and mediums really appeals to my impatient nature.  This impatience is my own visual language.   My need to control the eagerness and haste I feel in each painting is what drives the overall composition.  The colors chosen correlate to my mood. I believe my art reflects both my internal emotions and my external surroundings. 

Firstly, the gestural strokes of my abstract work are impulsive, immediate and strong.  The pieces begin with mediums that allow me to create textural surface, and as the paintings progress, the intuitive nature of my process begins.   Each work is layered with acrylic paints, inks, glazes and other mediums.  Colors are added and edited so that the most important elements shine through. The final works are atmospheric, emotional and textural. 

Growing up surrounded by the Louisiana bayous and backwater has inspired my abstract landscapes.  The topographical features of this state serve as the foundation for my abstract imagery, and the result is that these works are as layered as the Louisiana mud.  In their simplest form they are a nod to Rothko, beginning with specific color regions that blend to create a horizon as the piece evolves.  Many of my paintings allow the viewer to observe the piece in both directions, and at various installations I have had the experience of turning a horizontal piece vertical and finding its true power there. 

Lynn Sanders resides with her husband and teenage son in Alexandria, Louisiana. Her Gallery/Studio are located in a charming old warehouse downtown.